Zeus, «the obstinate husky,» runs out of water, and his mother takes notice of his displeasure.

You might hear about Zeus – the stubborn husky. This guy is famous for his complaints every time something goes wrong.

The dissatisfied dogs every time something to complain about. This time he was howling and whining because of the empty water bowl. Her mom finally understood the issue when saw that Zeus put one of his legs into the empty bowl.

Eventually, the owner of the husky took the bowl and asked the dog to calm down. No problem, she was in the process of refilling it, but no. Zeus didn’t stop making a fuss.

Zeus couldn’t allow such a thing to be repeated again. He kept on whining for a very long time, didn’t allowing his owner to talk and calm him down.

It seems as if he was trying to say that it’s the last time I am patiently waiting for freshwater. Don’t ever dare to leave the bowl empty!

Zeus’s mother tried to reason why she left the bowl empty but the husky didn’t want to hear her justifications. He was firm in his anger and dissatisfaction.

Luckily, when the woman put the refilled bowl down on the floor, her dog stopped whining and drank some water.

From now on, after this kind of disappointment, I think the woman will never let the bowl stay empty and will refill it as often as possible.

Yes, housepets are sometimes demanding. Being their owners, it’s our responsibility to take care of them. It’s not a big deal if some of them are a little stubborn.

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