Every day, a stray dog comes to the sandwich store for a free dinner.

Even while we all hope that every animal would one day have a loving home to call their own and be lavished with affection, the reality is that there are still a great number of stray cats and dogs in the world.

One stray dog has a regular spot at a fast food restaurant where she goes to get her meal every night, which is because to the generosity of strangers who bring them food and shelter. A lot of these animals are able to live because of the goodwill of strangers.

Gio is from Mexico and he is a TicToc user. He is the one who brought “Subway Sally” to the world. “Subway Sally” is a homeless dog who comes to the subway sandwich shop where the youngster works every night in search of something to eat.

The staff members are always pleased to be of assistance to her.

Gio noted in the accompanying TikTok video, “We always feed her.”

Sally enthusiastically consumes the cold cuts of turkey and bacon that he has prepared for her on a dish.

Gio explains that they have to hurry up and feed their one-of-a-kind customer because else she would go to Taco Bell next door, which is such a kind and kind thing to do for a stray dog.

The video that Gio uploaded on TicToc has gained over 3 million views after becoming popular on the platform.

The video caused a lot of people to start asking concerns, and some of them pointed out that the dog seemed to be too well groomed to be a stray or an abandoned animal.

Sally receives food from Gio in a second video, during which he says that while she is a stray dog, the “flower woman next door” enjoys grooming her, which is why she looks so lovely.

He then goes on to explain that he hasn’t taken the dog to an animal shelter since the closest one is twenty miles away and is also a shelter with a high kill rate.

Other people are curious as to why Gio is not adopting the dog. He explained that he already has 5 cats, and taking care of a dog on top of that would be impossible. Additionally, since it is a low income area, it is quite difficult to find someone else to adopt her as well. Other people are curious as to why Gio is not adopting the dog.

In the third video, Gio can be heard saying, “There are a lot of strays in our town.” “I reside in a place that has a very low income. People have trouble affording to feed their pets the majority of the time.

It would seem that Sally is not interested in being transported somewhere either: “Multiple people have tried taking her, but she never likes to go,” Gio said in a comment on the post. “I have a sneaking suspicion that she has a set location where she sleeps and probably takes care of her pups.”

But all in all, it’s heartwarming to see people helping stray dogs whenever and wherever they can.

Gio reassured everyone by saying, “Don’t worry about that; my colleagues and I are going to continue to feed her.”

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