People build a Pup Bus to take neighborhood dogs on small adventures.

For the past six years or so, otherwise house-bound pups in the town of Skagway, Alaska, have had a special service at their disposal to fill their lives with fun and friends.

The company behind it all, Mo Mountain Mutts, specializes in taking dogs on little adventures outdoors as one big, happy pack.

But perhaps the best part of all is how they get where they’re going.

Every weekday, Mo Thompson and her husband, Lee, take out their 20 to 40 canine clients on nature walks along trails near town. But rather than force those many pups and their owners to meet up at one location to do so, the Thompsons devised a much easier — and cuter — way to go about it.

They bought a bus and included at-home pick-ups as part of their service.

“We love it,” Mo Thompson told The Dodo. And, clearly, the dogs do, too.

Here’s how Thompson describes their daily routine:

“I load my dogs up, go to one end of town and work my way up, picking up clients, and head to the trailhead.”

Sure, that might sound simple enough, but as this video of the pick-up process shows, hopping aboard the bus is like a slice of heaven for these happy pups.

From there, things just keep getting better as the dogs get to stretch their legs together out on the trail.

It’s dog walking at its finest.

It’s fair to say that the dogs who ride and hike with Mo Mountain Mutts are happy. Its operators are as well.

“We have so much fun working together with the dogs,” Thompson said.

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