Unexpectedly, a dog wins a downhill skiing race

Skiers from across the globe gathered in the Italian alps last week to vie for victory at the Alpine World Cup — but even those seasoned pros have nothing on one four-legged amateur who decided to join in on the action.

In racing lingo, it was a dark horse. But, more specifically, he’s a dark dog.

No one saw him coming.

As one athlete set off on a run in the men’s super-G event on Thursday, he suddenly found himself facing some unexpected competition. Somehow, the dog, who’d been on the sidelines up the slope, managed to make his way onto the course to join in on the fun.

And with that, the race was really on.

Cameras capturing the event quickly turned their focus on the speedy pup as the sports commentaries and spectators alike looked on in awe and amusement.

Here’s footage of the dog in action:

Truth be told, the actual race was briefly postponed once the dog joined in.

But judging by the adoring reactions of those looking on, it’s safe to say he was the winner regardless.

After completing his race down the hill, the dog was ready to rest. Turns out, he’d come with his owner to be a spectator, but ultimately decided to get involved.

«The dog was OK, just a little tired!» a spokesperson for the Italian Alpine Ski Team told The Dodo. «The dog was reunited with its owner[.]»

The dog’s name didn’t make the winner’s list, unfortunately, but his performance on the slope that day won’t soon be forgotten.

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